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Inspire CEO Marcel Martino Announces New Role


INSPIRE CEO Marcel Martino Announces New Role

September 1, 2021 – Marcel Martino, President & CEO of Orange County Cerebral Palsy Association dba Inspire, for nearly 15 years, has announced his plan to step down from his role as CEO after a distinguished career. Under Mr. Martino’s leadership, Inspire has grown its services implementing several new programs such as preschool satellites in Newburgh and Monroe, and expanding various disabilities programs. Mr. Martino has accepted a position with ADAPT Community Network, the parent organization of Inspire, and effective October 4 will lead community relations and business development initiatives in the Hudson Valley.

Inspire recently announced it had become a member of the ADAPT Community Network, a strategic initiative to join forces with the leading human service not for profit organization that is also known as United Cerebral Palsy of New York City. ADAPT is well known for innovative programs and services for people with disabilities and shares a mutual goal with Inspire: To build a more inclusive community and world for children and adults with disabilities. Inspire will continue operating with the same caring and professional staff, and convenient locations. A goal of the alliance is to enhance the scope and depth of service offerings in Orange County.

“Well known throughout the Hudson Valley for his many years of service operating hospitals and human service agencies, Marcel will utilize his vast knowledge and understanding of the area to enhance the resources for children and adults with disabilities in the Valley,” said Ed Matthews, ADAPT CEO. Marcel effectively contributes to the community by serving on various non-profit Boards of Directors. He served as Chairman, Cornerstone Family Healthcare; Vice President, Joint Membership and Health Care Association; Board Member, Hudson Valley Service Providers; Board Member, Mediation Center of Dutchess County; Chairman, Orange County Chamber of Commerce.

Inspire is now focusing on ensuring a successful CEO transition in conjunction with ADAPT Community Network. Jeanne Herbert, Inspire’s Chief Operating Officer will succeed Mr. Martino as CEO. Mrs. Herbert has been a lead executive at Inspire for many years.

“I feel good about what I have accomplished at Inspire and the services it provides for the community. I don’t feel I’m leaving the Inspire family, as I will be working to grow ADAPT’s presence in the Hudson Valley which will ultimately support Inspire’s programs as well” said Martino.

“We are truly grateful for Marcel’s years of service to Inspire, our consumers, and the community. We are thankful that his leadership culminated in our new relationship with ADAPT and know that together we will be able to sustain and grow Inspire’s ability to serve our consumers into the future” said Ralph J. Martucci, Inspire Board Chairman.