Opportunities is a non-waiver respite program for individuals ages 12-25 years old with a means of communication and a desire to socialize with peer, currently consisting of social skills meetings, held on Mondays 6pm – 7pm, and community-based activity typically once a month.

During social skills meetings, individuals will learn how to interact with their peers, to share and participate in a group setting, express themselves appropriately, etc. Our program provides opportunities to make new friends and explore the community, while also providing respite services for parents, guardians, and caregivers.

To inquire, please contact our Habilitation Manager at 845-294-7300 ext. 239.

Parent Enabling Program

The Parent Enabling Program (PEP) serves families with individuals who have a developmental disability. Services include referral for applying for OPWDD eligibility, outreach, and education, Inspire hosts monthly seminars for all members of the community looking for information regarding the wide variety of services and supports for individuals with disabilities. For more information, call (845) 294-7300 ext. 254.

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