Leading The Way

At Inspire, our team includes an extraordinary group of individuals who dedicate their time, effort, and expertise to further our mission of providing individualized and family-centered support for people living with challenges. In addition to managing Inspire’s overarching goals and strategies, our team also drives future development to ensure our organization is responsive to the needs of our local community.

Inspire Team

Jeanne Herbert

President & CEO

Rita Frey

Vice President

Steven Peach

Human Resources Director

Megan Appello

Director of Program Revenue

Mindy Circelli

Community Relations Director

Beth Maisonet

Director of Rehabilitation

Annieka Mangum

Corporate Compliance Officer

Janet Masotti

Senior Education Director

William Schwartz

Senior Director of Disabilities Services

Inspire Board Of Directors

Ralph J. Martucci


Edwin Estrada

Vice Chair

Mary Ellen Rogulski


Donna Benson

Fundraising Chair

Suzanne Schindler

Parent Representative

Chris Ashman

Board Member

Patricia Claiborne

Board Member

Nicholas W. Illobre

Board Member

Irving Zuckerman

Board Member