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As you may be aware the Governor has proposed increasing the minimum wage for all New York workers to $15.00 an hour. There are pros and cons to this proposal; the first positive is that it will provide employees of organizations, profit and not-for-profit, with better wages.

Unfortunately for many small businesses it may be difficult for them to survive: Non-profits like Inspire are faced with a difficult situation also.

While we would like to be able to pay more to our staff based on this minimum wage proposal, our revenues, like other non-profits, come from the State of New York. In order for Inspire and others to provide this increase in minimum wage, it is important that the State increases the amount of reimbursement provided to agencies to cover this increased cost.

Therefore, we are participating in the #bFair2DirectCare  Coalition’s ‘300 Days to Better Pay’ campaign to the Governor to request that he provides the necessary funds to support this proposed minimum wage increase.

Please join us in convincing the Governor to support our staff and agency. Please sign the letter below and mail it directly to the Governor and your local representatives:

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capital Building
Albany, NY 12224

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Community Relations at 845-294-7300 ext. 233/235 or by email at

Thank you for your support.


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