Disability & Family Support Services

Inspire believes that the most important support an individual with a disability receives comes from his or her family and support system.  Inspire offers a variety of programs and services onsite, within the community, and in individuals’ private homes.  Some services are provided during the weekend with the goal of enriching the lives of people with disability and their families. For more information on any of Inspire’s Disability & Family Support Services please call (845) 294-7300, ext. 230. > Social & Recreational Brochure

Respite & Recreation

Anybody But Parents Kids Club

Created by the original “kid” members of this social and recreational group, this provocative title sums up the intent of this group.  The original members made clear their desire and need for separation and independence from their parents.  Children ages 6-12 with a developmental disability make suggestions for activities within the community.  Children are encouraged to socialize, share preferences, make choices, and express their needs in the community.  Most of all, they are encouraged to have fun.  Activities include: bowling, mini-golf, pumpkin picking, swimming, pizza parties and more.  Inquiries may be directed to (845) 294-7300, ext. 247.

Get Up & Go!

The Get Up & Go! program is for adults ages 21 and up, who have a developmental disability, and have the desire to want to move about and exercise. Members must be physically able to participate in a variety of sports and physical fitness activities. The group meets 30 times annually. Get Up & Go! will provide individuals with an opportunity to develop friendships and good physical fitness habits as they move through adulthood; within the safety of a supervised group setting.


Opportunities is a program designed for tweens and teens with developmental disabilities between the ages of 12 and 16 years old on the autism spectrum or with similar behaviors.  Participants in this program will benefit from two social skills trainings as well a community activity each month.  Members should have some functional communication and a desire to socialize with peers.  Inquires may be directed to (845) 294-7300, ext. 239.


Introductions, Inspire’s young adult social group, is open to people with developmental disabilities between the ages of 16 and 26.  The members of Introductions take an active part in determining their bi-monthly community activities.  Some favorite activities include movies, ball games, and eating at local restaurants.  For more information, call (845) 294-7300, ext. 239.

Saturday Respite

In operation since 1993, Saturday Respite provides a safe and fun environment where children can play and socialize from 12–5 p.m.  Children ages three through twelve with a developmental disability are eligible for this service. Semi-structured play, organized activities, and outdoor fun at Inspire’s 2 Fletcher Street headquarters in Goshen make the afternoon pass swiftly.  More information may be obtained by calling (845) 294-7300 ext. 239.

Sunshine Kids School Break Respite

This program is a collaborative effort with Orange County’s Thomas Bull Memorial Park.  Children entering kindergarten through age 12 who have a developmental disability are welcome to register.  The program typically runs during school’s June and August breaks, and safe, age and disability appropriate outdoor activities are provided and supervised by experienced, caring staff, including an on-site nurse.  A fun filled schedule of activities will ensure all participants have a good time.  For more information, please call (845) 294-7300 ext.239.

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Service Coordination

Inspire is a provider of Medicaid Service Coordination for individuals with a developmental disability who have Medicaid and/or HCBS Waiver.  Inspire can also provide service coordination for individuals who do not have Medicaid to assist in accessing resources that are provided through the disabilities system developed by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), and managed through our local Developmental Disabilities Service Office (DDSO).  These resources are designed to help families and individuals achieve lives that are full, rewarding, and self-determined.  The service coordinator shares knowledge and information about services, assists in accessing resources, encourages “natural supports” (family and community supports and resources), and fosters community inclusion.  To inquire about service coordination call (845) 294-7300 ext. 230. Types of Service Coordination:
  • Medicaid Service Coordination – For individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities.
  • Early Intervention Ongoing Service Coordination – For children in the Early Intervention Program, ages 0-3.
  • Care at Home Case Management –For children who are medically involved or frail or technology dependent.

Parent Enabling Program

The Parent Enabling Program (PEP) serves families with individuals who have a developmental disability or who have children likely to be deemed eligible for OPWDD services in the future.  Services include assistance in applying for OPWDD eligibility, outreach, referral, education, service coordination and counseling for those who otherwise would not have access to these services at Inspire and is funded by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.  For more information, call (845) 294-7300 ext. 230

Home & Community Based Waiver Services

A family or individual working with a service coordinator may be able to access the following HCBS Waiver Services provided by Inspire. These services are assigned on a priority basis and are accessed through the Orange County Service Needs Access Panel (SNAP).

Community Habilitation

For individuals with disabilities living alone, at home, or in small group settings, community habilitation provides the opportunity to acquire or improve skills needed to work toward achieving a person’s life goals.  Some skills a community habilitation worker teaches may include: using public transportation, using money, personal hygiene, personal safety, and problem solving skills in emergency situations.

Coordinated In-Home Supports

The Coordinated In-Home Support Project is an innovative, collaborative, initiative unlike anything that currently exists within New York State and is supported through Medicaid and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.  The program provides a professional service delivered to a child in his/her home and community by Child Habilitation Mentors designed to build skills and reduce problem behaviors by engaging the child in a variety of routine and new activities during the course of each scheduled session.  Every child will have an individualized community habilitation plan.  In addition to the valued outcomes written into the plans, mentors will work on other areas, keeping the child engaged throughout each scheduled day session.  Every child will also have a general behavior plan and some children will have a more detailed plan to address difficult behaviors.

Day Habilitation Without Walls Program

IMG_4988 The Day Habilitation program promotes healthy living through physical activities such as, hiking, sports activities, and farming. This program increases socialization through peer interaction. Day Habilitation provides community involvement and outreach through volunteer experiences such as, several humane societies, senior dining meal delivery, cleaning a local church, The Salvation Army, and local farms. Individuals provide support to local organizations by participating in park clean ups and maintaining community gardens. For more information, please contact (845) 294- 7300 ext. 254

In-Home Respite

In-Home Respite allows family members a break from the sometimes overwhelming demands of caring for people with disabilities by providing in-home supervision.  This service is provided in the home during times that are determined by the family.

Developmental Disabilities Clinic (Article 16 Clinic)

Inspire has a long history of providing evaluation and treatment of long-term motor and communication needs frequently seen with developmental disabilities.  Within the Developmental Disabilities Clinic, licensed as an Article 16 Clinic under New York State Mental Health Law, we provide evaluation and long-term treatment in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, and Psychology.  Staffed by the same highly qualified providers as in Inspire’s Outpatient Treatment Center, services within the Developmental Disabilities Clinic are seamlessly coordinated with Inspire’s other outpatient services.  Information on New York’s services for people with developmental disabilities can be obtained at the Office for People for Developmental Disabilities.  For a referral to Inspire’s Developmental Disabilities Clinic , please call our Treatment Coordinator at (845) 294-7300, ext 250. > Article 16 Brochure

Home Services Program

Inspire’s Home Services Program enables the staff at Inspire to serve those who otherwise might not have access to services.  Home Services include assessment, counseling, advocacy, information sharing, and referral.  This unique program offers the option for the initial visit to take place in the home.  This program is a collaboration between New York State Elks Association and New York State Cerebral Palsy Associations. You may also be interested in seeing our CHILDREN’S SERVICES or CUB’S PLACE PROGRAM