Adult Services

At the Fletcher Street, Goshen location, Inspire offers services for adults with a variety of disabilities or challenges and the general public. To schedule an appointment, call (845) 294-8806. We participate in many insurance plans, and accept Medicaid.

Children’s Services

As child development specialists, the staff at Inspire comes to the assistance of countless children and their families when intervention is needed. Inspire offers evaluative and outpatient services for children with a variety of developmental delays or challenges and runs a highly regarded preschool program for all children. Please call (845) 294-8806 for information on any of our programs or children’s services.

Disability & Family Supports

Inspire believes that the most important support an individual with a disability receives comes from his or her family. Inspire offers a variety of programs and services onsite, within the community, and in individuals’ private homes. Most services are provided on evenings and weekends with the goal of enriching the lives of people with disabilities and their families. For more information on any of Inspire’s Support Services please call (845) 294-7300 ext. 230.

Wraparound Community Services

Wraparound Community Services (WCS) is an innovative program which provides intensive in-home supports for persons with disabilities and their caretakers. The program offers a community based alternative to residential care without compromising quality or safety for OPWDD eligible individuals. Wraparound Community Services is comprised of three distinct programs:  Family Care Services (FCS), Shared Living Services (SLS) and Supportive Home Services (SHS). For more information, please contact (845) 294-7300 ext. 239.