Inspire Announces Pioneering Program for Individuals with Disabilities

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Wraparound Community Services Offers Choice, Safety and Managed Care to OPWDD Eligible Persons

Goshen, NY – February 4, 2016 – Individuals with disabilities can now receive intensive in-home supports through a groundbreaking new program implemented by Orange County Cerebral Palsy Association, Inc., d.b.a. Inspire of Orange County.  Wraparound Community Services, which was developed by Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County, Inspire of Orange County and United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau County, offers a community based alternative to traditional residential care.  “Our aim is to empower individuals with disabilities so that they are able to direct their lives and make independent choices,” said Gerry Dohrenwend, CEO of Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County, “Through this program, a person can choose where to live – be it with a family, with a caregiver, or in his or her own apartment – and can select the services that he or she would like to receive.”

Residential care services are crucial for individuals whose disabilities may limit them from living self-sufficiently.   “Traditional residential care facilities provide much needed support for persons with disabilities, however these facilities often lack a sense of community integration,” said Marcel Martino, President and CEO of Inspire, “The Wraparound Community Services program emphasizes the importance of community inclusion without compromising safety or quality of care for OPWDD eligible individuals.”

Wraparound Community Services consists of three distinct programs:  Family Care Services (FCS), Supportive Home Services (SHS) and Shared Living Services (SLS); each program operates independently as a continuum of care.  Family Care Services will connect individuals in the program with a supportive family to provide residential housing in a certified private home.  Supportive Home Services will provide the routine and emergency supports necessary to prevent the need for an out of home placement, thus allowing individuals in the program to remain in their current residence.  Shared Living Services will provide an innovate option to residential care; individuals in the program will live in apartments, condominiums, or houses on their own or with a person who they have chosen to provide caregiver services.

Wraparound Community Service is supported by a core team of dedicated professionals who will “wrap around” individuals participating in the program and their Circle of Support.  “We look forward to providing strong services to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities,” said Althea Milton, LCSW-R, Director of Wraparound Community Services, “The Wraparound Community Services team is available to discuss individual options and to address any questions that potential program participants or caregivers may have.”

Individuals who are eligible for Wraparound Community Services include OPWDD eligible persons, living alone or with caregivers; OPWDD eligible persons currently residing in a certified setting, hospital or nursing home who wish to live in a community setting; and OPWDD waiver eligible persons.  For more information about Wraparound Community Services, please visit or contact Althea Milton at (845) 294-7300 ext. 253 or by e-mail at

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